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Water purification with reverse osmosis devices

AQUA>PURplus – a clear alternative

A natural spring in your own home


Waterworks are believed to have increasing problems supplying really pure water to their customers on site. Individuals conscious of their health are therefore increasingly opting for mineral water. Filled in heavy bottles, it is often brought in over large distances entailing disproportionate transport and logistical expenses. This doesn't have to be the case!

The new, innovative AQUA>PURplus system allows you to create a natural spring in your own home. This sturdy mechanism will provide you with a constant supply of water of the highest quality and purity. Straight from the tap. Every sip of water will provide you with valuable energy at an incomparably low cost.

Really pure water

Reverse osmosis is the most effective way of purifying water. The AQUA>PURplus-RO 300 masters this technology perfectly. This system requires no tank and supplies you with a constant flow of pure water straight from your tap. And if the water quality falls below a predetermined value, an indication will immediately be given via monitoring displays.

A tank? No thanks...

In contrast to many other osmosis systems, the RO 300 does not have any storage tank. This means that stagnant water is avoided. The pure water is always produced directly from the fresh mains water, whenever you need it.

In the kitchen

The osmosis water cleans typically salads and vegetables just as perfectly as your wine glasses. It is very suitable for cooking and noticeably improves the taste of coffee and tea. It is ideal for preparing baby food and, of course, drinking: pure, clear water, a whole new taste experience in your kitchen.

How does the system work?

The mains water is pressed through the semi-permeable diaphragm of the reverse osmosis device. The molecules of the impurities to be found in the water cannot pass through the diaphragm and are separated out. The water attained through this purification process which is almost 100% free of harmful substances then flows through the NARASAN module installed in the device, transforming it into healthy, precious and vitalising drinking and cooking water.

Water purification – water vitality. Contradiction or complementary feature?

What use is the best water vitalisation if your water is not free of impurities? Limescale, nitrates, nitrites, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides etc. It is utter nonsense to claim that a these substances do not influence a water vitalisation system in such a way that they are not harmful to humans. People all too frequently overlook just how important the quality of drinking water is for the health of humans and all living beings.

Over the course of many years of study, the French researcher and hydrologist Prof. Louis Claude Vincent has demonstrated that a connection exists between the drinking water available to a population and the mortality (death rate) und morbidity (incidence of disease) of this population group.

Areas exist where there is hardly any illnesses. The water is still pure there. In areas with increased incidents of illnesses, the drinking water is polluted with impure substances. Inorganic minerals, chemicals, bacteria, chlorine for disinfection, bacteria with their endotoxins (as a result of disinfection, sterilisation), viruses and many other impurities.

Biological water quality can be measured

Vincent developed a measuring method: bioelectronics. This can be used to determine the biological terrain of any liquid containing water. Three parameters are measured in bioelectronics:

  • pH value
  • Redox potential (RH2 value)
  • Redox potential (RH2 value)

Over 100,000 (!) complete measurements and 400,000 (!) partial measurements have produced a statistically relevant figure. According to Vincent, good drinking water has a

  • pH value of 6.5 to 6.8,
  • RH2 value of 26,
  • Resistance value of 6,300 Ohm (less than 200µS (Microsiemens)).

Good drinking water and rain water used to fulfil all these criteria. Drinking water should be as pure and clean as possible, free of organic and inorganic impurities. Limit values are essentially misleading here, as even small amounts of pollutants are harmful.

It is a sign of the times that we are finally learning to regard drinking water as the MOST PRECIOUS resource vital to life.

When water does not meet the values ascertained by Vincent, we recommend AQUA>PURplus.