Living Water Systems

HIMALAYA BATH SALTS with essential oils

Bath Salts RELAX with lavender & gardenia oil
Bath Salts FRESH with rosemary & pine oil
Bath Salts BE WELL with balm & orange oil
Bath Salts VITAL with eucalyptus & 7 herbal oils

Get the sea water with all ist beneficial effects into your bathtub!

Cleanses the skin deep-down, making it soft like velvet and contributing to a fresh and healthy appearance. Gives lasting vitality and has a purifying effect - therefore supporting you when you are fasting or dieting. The salt crystals are of such purity, that they fulfil the legal criteria of the German Codex Alimentarius for table salt.
Discover and enjoy the beneficial and vitalising freshness of a salt crystal bath!

PET jar 400 g € 4,98