Living Water Systems

Mission statement


Continuous contact with our customers enables us to react to individual requirements with speed and flexibility. We also offer our customers solutions in those areas which are not part of our core competences.


Continuous collaboration with various institutes and universities or colleges enables us to constantly develop our products further and maintain the highest standards of quality.


We mean what we say and keep our word.
We regard this as the basis for successful business.


We encourage and motivate our staff members to use their creative abilities for mutual success and support their professional and personal development. Each of our employees works independently, but within a team.

As with our customers, we also respond rapidly to the needs and wishes of our staff members.


For us, professionalism is defined by the highest market-oriented standards which are continuously monitored and developed further.


We bear responsibility in respect to our customers, employees, suppliers and all other companies. We carry out endurance tests with various institutes and universities or colleges, continuously extending and updating our existing test certificates, and hence ensuring the highest quality.