Living Water Systems

RO 300C - Compact-Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis water purifiers are designed for desalination of drinking water
according to the European drinking water regulations, operating in the
innovating on the innovative principle of reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis water purifiers for example used to avoid water stains on
glassware in restaurant dishwashers, prevent scalling and dusting from humidifiers,
water jet cutting, tropical aquariums, ultra pure water installations, ice-makers and coffee-
machines and of course for drinking water purification.

Superior rejection with high recovery simple and low-cost surveillance maintenance high performance/
price ration. Direct flow - no stagnant water continuous water quality. Pressure controlled outlet.

A number of patented technical solutions make the products uniquely compact and versatile.
They will fit virtually everywhere, stand alone or as part of a larger system.


  • Pressure controlled start and stop
  • Carbon filter included
  • Direct flow - no stagnant water
  • Continuous monitoring and control of water quality
  • Fits easily under the sink - modern design
  • Flushing of membrane during stand-by for increased life
  • Prefilter included (carbon block filter)

The appliance requires regular maintenance in the form of changing the pre-filter.
The function of this pre-filter is to protect the RO membrane. The unit has an integral
automatic system that warns when the filter requires changing.

Technical data

Permeate flow rate at 15°C l/h 120
Rec. Maximum daily production l 400
Feed water pressure (bar) min./max. 2-6
Start up pressure bar ca. 3
Shut down pressure bar ca. 4,5
min./max. feed water temperature °C 2 / 30
min./max. ambient temperature °C 2 / 35
Salt rejection up to % 99,5
Recovery % 60-75
Power consumption W/V 350/230
Height mm 462
Width mm 150
Depth mm 365
Weight kg 18

Price on request