Living Water Systems

Science and research

The French professor and water researcher Louis Claude Vincent reached the conclusion that excessive amounts of minerals in the blood can lead to numerous illnesses. To counteract these, the Parisian hydrologist recommends drinking water with as low a mineral content as possible.

As only a few mineral waters commercially available fulfil these criteria, Vincent developed water purification devices for domestic use. His system of reverse osmosis and steam distillation is designed to filter out chemical impurities and surplus minerals in the water.

The body is purified from inside

Vincent is even convinced that existing mineral surpluses deposited in the body's tissue as well as metabolism residues are gradually flushed out of the body. This high level of purification can be traced back to the high resistance of the unsaturated, low-mineral water. As a result, it flushes inorganic minerals out of the body. Among the waters commercially available, the French Volvic, German Haderheck and Belgian Spa achieved the best results. Moreover, Vincent recommends glass bottles instead of plastic ones for use.

Health & water quality

Vincent first discovered a connection between the quality of mains water and the morbidity and mortality rates in respective cities in the middle of the 1960s. He then began to test numerous mineral waters as well. For this, he also introduced physical measuring values as well as electrical resistance in addition to the conventional chemical analysis.

In this way, he was able to formulate a scale extending from unhealthy to healthy biological water. The latter should not only be low in minerals, but also slightly acidic and only mildly oxidised, and should exhibit a resistance of at least 6000 Ohm. Only then can the water satisfy its primary function in the human body as a means of transport and excretion. The ohmic resistance reveals just how many salts are dissolved in water.

For Vincent, this forms the most important criterion for healthy water. As hardly any mains or mineral water attains this physical limit value, such water is totally unsuitable for long-term health, according to Vincent.

Excessive mineralisation of the blood can become manifest in various ways. Prof. Vincent believes that the blood is too viscous in individuals who suffer from thromboses or cancer. This leads to a reduction in the resistance value of the blood caused by the excess mineralisation. He therefore advises against drinking mineral water in general.

This is all the more crucial for infants, as the body of newborn babies (in particular the kidneys which are so important for water transport) is not yet fully developed. As babies have an extremely high water content of over 80%, their full and elastic tissue is only slightly mineralised and their system would suffer a shock if they were to consume mineral water. The water used for preparing baby bottles should not therefore be mineralised on any account.

Healthy mineral water?

Low-mineral water, as extolled by Vincent, plays an important role in aiding the healing process in naturopathy in general. In the famous Swiss Rollier Sanatorium in Leysin, the director Auguste Rollier only gave his patients rain water and water from melted snow to drink, as he regarded normal water as too hard and mineral-rich. This is reminiscent of the Hunza, Kogi or other native peoples, who only usually drank water from glaciers or rain water – both sources without minerals – and who consequently enjoyed good health.

The American naturopath Norman W. Walker wrote that minerals dissolved in water become deposited in kettles as limescale and in pipes as furring. According to Walker, the same thing happens in the human body: An excess of electrolytes in the blood results in mineral deposits of cholesterol and arteriosclerotic deposits which, expressed in simple terms, could also be regarded as calcification.

The cause of calcification in the body

Walker saw the reason for this in the amount of minerals consumed which could not be removed easily by the water. The human system must first of all form certain organic transport aids before these minerals can pass the cells. If the body is overburdened by this, the minerals consumed will remain trapped in the connective tissue, the body's own filtering system, where they increasingly cause problems.

The same happens if a diet includes too much sugar or white flour products and too many chemical food additives, flavour enhancers or so-called e-numbers. While low-mineral water flushes these metabolic residues out of the human system, this is not the case with water containing significant amounts of minerals.

As a result, the life-sustaining fluid can not longer fulfil its stasis and regulatory function in the body. The minerals necessary for the human metabolism should therefore be obtained through (if possible organic) vegetables, fruit, meat and fish instead of via water, as this is the way most compatible with the body from a naturopathic point of view. Fruit and vegetables generally keep a person younger for longer and ensure a life-enhancing vitality. Bones also remain intact for longer. Fruit and vegetables containing minerals rather than mineral water are therefore recommended as a therapeutic help against osteoporosis.

The water purification process

The water purification processes recommended by Vincent involving reverse osmosis, distillation or active carbon filters represent the most familiar processes for treating mains water. However, reverse osmosis devices reveal significantly less drawbacks than the two other methods. Although the active carbon can retain many substances in the water due to its porous structure and reduce higher molecular organic substances such as pesticides or chlorine, it nevertheless stimulates the growth of germs and other unwanted microorganisms which feed off the carbonaceous substances in the water.

Nitrates, chromium, phosphates and heavy metals also frequently remain in the water. Whoever fails to replace the filter at the right time can also cause residual pollutants to be released collectively. In such cases, a single glass of water can contain all the toxins which have accumulated over the previous weeks. This represents a much more serious attack on the body than smaller doses spread over a certain length of time.

Experts recommend reverse osmosis

Many experts regard reverse osmosis as the most fundamental purification process. The water is pressed through a semi-permeable diaphragm which removes the particulate matter dissolved in it.

The purification effect during reverse osmosis is considerable, 98% to >99% of particulate matter being filtered out according to studies. Almost all larger pollutants and mineral molecules are retained by the diaphragm.

Conventional reverse osmosis devices

In conventional reverse osmosis systems with an intermediate tank there is a considerable risk of germs breeding. Another factor explaining why between 3 and 25 litres of treatment water are usually required for the production of one litre of purified water. Very good devices are distinguished at the lower end of this scale, while the older or cheaper models tend towards the upper limit. That means high water costs and a waste of water.

AQUA>PURplus devices

The AQUA>PURplus devices made by Electrolux represent the best reverse osmosis systems available on the market. Thanks to the absolute perfection of their technology, they are extremely suitable for both domestic and household use. Examples revealing their state-of-the-art technology:

  • Pure-water yield:
  • The AQUA>PURplus devices enable a pure-water yield of between 60 % and 80 %. This represents the most effective and water-economical system currently available anywhere in the world.
  • Farewell storage tank!
    The storage tank which used to be necessary is now no longer required; thus eliminating the former germ hazard.
  • Compactness:
    The devices easily fit into the trench box below the kitchen sink.
  • "Water when required":
    Depending on the device, between 2.5 and 4 litres of water are produced per minute. This consequently ensures that water is always available when it is needed (be it when washing a salad, for cooking or for drinking...).

The devices are connected in the same way as a washing machine (230 V plug, inlet and outlet). A complete special package is also available for commercial use in hotels and restaurants, which is adapted to the individual requirements of the business concern/kitchen in terms of its component setup.

Reverse osmosis in traditional medicine

Reverse osmosis is even recognised scientifically and is used in traditional medicine in the field of urine dialysis. A distinct improvement in taste can be discerned for food and drink prepared with water purified with reverse osmosis.

Steam distillation

In terms of character, distilled water is comparable to osmosis water. With distilled water, up to 99 % of harmful substances and minerals are removed from the drinking water. The difference between distilled water and osmosis water lies in the fact that distillation is not a mechanical but rather a thermal process. On heating, the hydrogen and oxygen molecules separate, thus releasing disruptive solid materials analogous to the natural water cycle of the planet. As with osmosis, even existing surplus minerals deposited in the body's tissue should be flushed out.

An essential disadvantage of steam distillation is the impossibility of its use in domestic or commercial applications due to technical reasons.

Water purification alone is not enough

That’s not true. Homeopathy and scientific tests by chemists such as Dr Rey from Switzerland (inventor of "Nescafé"TM) have meanwhile furnished extensive scientific evidence for the ability of water to carry information. After filtering/purification using reverse osmosis systems, pollutant information still remains in the water. Whoever not only wants pure water, but also demonstrably healthy water, should energetically charge purified water in order to gain an energy-rich and vital natural drink.

Additionally installing the scientifically tested NARASAN energisation activator eliminates any negative information remaining in the osmosis water. It is energetically charged and is just like a natural spring for your home.