Living Water Systems

What is water?

Water is an essential element of creation.

We encounter it in diverse forms on our planet. But what we rather prosaically describe as the water cycle remains a wonder of nature in its ceaseless splendour.

This wonder has so far been researched only incompletely.
Science is continually revealing new and astonishing insights about this miraculous substance, water.

What we refer to as healthy drinking water tends to be found in natural springs which remain free of environmental pollution and full of energy.

However, the drinking water which is supplied to millions of households through pipes and which passes through elaborate technical treatment processes has been altered in its structure and energy to such an extent that it hardly bears any resemblance to fresh spring water.


We are all familiar with the states of matter. Yet we do not really perceive them, or do so only unconsciously:



The earth, man and human cells consist of up to 2/3 water?

Only 2.6 % of the earth's water is fresh water, almost 80 % of this being trapped in polar and glacier ice?

Plants & animals consist of 60 - 90 % water?

People should drink 2 - 3 litres of fresh water daily without additives?

Fluids flow through our body via a network comprising 90,000 km of vessels?

The average person consumes between 55,000 and 65,000 litres of water over the course of his or her life?

Water is a medium carrying information and energy?

All life processes on our planet are inseparably linked to water?

Science still cannot fully explain the phenomenon of water?The brain consists of 70 percent water, the blood 82 percent and the lungs almost 90 percent. On dehydration of the nervous system, energy and motivation are drastically reduced?

Even a slight shortage of water slows the metabolism by 3 percent and can lead to a blurred short-term memory?

Water dissolves, cleans and transports more substances than any other fluid?

The water requirements of the foetus explain the feeling of morning nausea during pregnancy?

Babies consist of up to 85 % water?

Tea and coffee can have diuretic properties and dehydrate the body? You should drink an amount of water equivalent to these drinks in addition to the recommended two litres at all times of the year.

The body activates an emergency supply if it does not receive enough water? Dehydration causes stress, and that intensifies the withdrawal.

In 37 percent of people, the feeling of thirst is so poorly developed that it is often confused with hunger?